Rain began, as many things do over a cup of tea. It was a particularly nice cup of tea which led to some jovial conversation between the main protagonists.
Graeme Beardmore, notorious bass player with The Friendly Campaign and The New Subterraneans and Sheena McDonagh, formerly of Roam and Pink Djinn discussed the prospect of working together to scratch an itch that Graeme had of working with a female singer on a acoustic project back in 2011. Both parties were keen to take this forward and make music together, and so, it began.
After the intial rehearsal, both were dedicated to putting together a diverse set of songs, at this stage cover songs with a view to perhaps writing some new material at some stage.
Writing original material has now become a mainstay of the pair, conceiving of ideas via coming up with chords structures, weaving in melodies and lyrics when the inspiration happens. 
Rain continue to perform cover songs, as they both like the challenge of finding a way into a song written by someone else and making it their own. 

Georgina Salt, organiser Ballroom Boutique vintage and handmade event,
 "Couldn't recommend this lovely couple enough to all you event organisers!"

Viv and Brad, owners of Lymestone Brewery and organisers of the 20/20 Beer Festival
"Thanks, we loved your work and we would be happy to have you back. We have had a great weekend and will do it all again soon!"

Rain logo and header picture designed by the amazing Jon Aldersea, we are so delighted to be able to use this guy's work on our website, check out some more of his work at:

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