Saturday, 23 March 2013

Rain in the studio on a snowy day.

Well, last night we traversed the snow and wind and made our way to Tremolo Studios in Silverdale where we began work on three new tracks.
We were joined in our little adventure by Richard Raizada (from Sons of Clogger).. who has helped us previously on a couple of tracks, and who we decided would provide a stable rhythm upon which we could place our tunes.
The evening started well, everyone wrapped up against the weather, emerging into the warmth of the studio and greeted with a nice hot cup of tea, and a very warm control room.. Just the thing when its wintery outside (despite it being spring!)
We spent the next couple of hours, recording, messing up, re-recording, and the like, such is the remit of any working artiste in the studio. Dan worked like a demon to mike everything up, and as always performed like a veritable wizard of the mixing desk. We had a strange set up, drums and guitar being recorded in the studio, whereas the vocals were recorded in the control room, so as not to "bleed" into the drum tracks.
Is quite amazing how much work goes into just putting down a blueprint track so that we can build upon it, layering vocals and guitars, adding in other instruments as and when, just to deliver something worthwhile ad enjoyable.
Once Rich had finished, he set off in the snow to his lovely warm home, while we stayed in the studio and listened through to what we'd done previously, two tracks nearly completed, another couple needing more musicians to add spice to the mix and then the vocals and guitars for the new tracks. Finally finishing off when we were all yawning and ready to go.. Tracks burned off for us to listen to and make notes of where we need to make changes, etc..
The recording studio really is a place where music can come alive, not in the same way that live music is alive and vital, but in a way where what starts as a simple tune with a vocal melody and a few chords really can take on a life of its own.
Watch this space for more news on our exploits.

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