Monday, 22 April 2013

Its nearly May, and now things get moving!

Well folks, don't you just love the sunshine?? We've been lucky enough to have a change of weather here in Sunny Stoke, and its most welcome after the dreariness of the cold wintry weather of late. However, not to be downhearted, we know that Summer is around the corner and with it plenty of gigs! So check out the Gig page for more updated info on that!

We decided to make an impromptu appearance at Arthur's Table, a most excellent Open Mic night on a Thursday evening at The Glebe in Stoke. Such is the plethora of talent in this amazing City, wyou'd find it hard to believe that we're in a recession really. The evening boasts a "showcase" meaning that each week there is a different act called on to showcase their work, around half an hour or so, giving everyone a taster of the scope of their music.. this week's was by the very excellent Frank Cerioni, a lovely lad, who writes beautiful songs. The usual suspects abounded, and the night was made special by the appearance of Sons of Clogger.. and to quote Graeme.. "Mark Radcliffe and BBC Radio 2 Folk Awards 2014"... We'll be surprised if they don't break through, their fuel filled, exciting folk style tunes wrapped with historical narrative lyrics and delivered with their usual aplomb make them one act you shouldn't miss!!
We did a few songs, accompanied by SOC drummer Rich, (who's brilliant BTW.. and lives to play drums!) and went down well.. applause stemming from all corners of the room, which is so lovely, knowing that we can still do "it" down there and know we're doing something right.. Of course our version of "Je Ne Regrette Rien" always goes down well.. so we pulled that one out for the last number.. just cos we can!

More songs are being written as I type too.. well, not at this precise moment, as I'm writing the blog.. but you catch my drift ;-) So creativity abounds..

On Saturday 20th we played D'arcy's in Fenton, somewhere we hadn't been before, but had been recommended by our good friend, Pete Latham from the Barrelhouse Jukes.. well, in fact, he phoned us up while at D'arcy's and passed us onto the Landlady, who was happy to book us just on Pete's recommendation, which was lovely.. we owe you one Pete!

Anyhoo, we'd also been warned.. "Don't play there.. I won't even go there.. ".. so we had visions of having to play behind a fence, as in The Blues Brothers.. and just repeating one song all night... However, we were surprised, we received a lovely warm welcome from the landlady Lynn and her staff, the locals were in good spirits and we played brilliantly, a full 2 and a quarter hour set, no breaks.. It was lovely to see our good friend's Deb and Paul, who haven't seen us in over a year! Poor Deb sat sobbing through the set.. apparently moved to tears by Sheena's singing. (I have to say, I'm not sure if I should take it as a compliment or not... lol) Some chap, who was rather legless seemed impressed too.. think he mentioned Alannah Myles and generally muttered something or other about The Beautiful South, I can only assume it was due to Stoke not losing a game that the poor chap was inebriated.. we can forgive him. General applause rang out around the room through our set and the shouts for more at the end were gratefully received.

So, once more another positive gig experience and one to put on record... What a delightful place D'arcy's was to play, lovely wooden floors and ornate bar make it a pleasure to play in too.

What's next? I hear you ask.. well, more gigs coming up, including a few spots at a local vintage and handmade fair.. which we're looking forward to.. Its all go in the Rain camp!! :-)

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