Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Its oh so quiet.... Its oh so still... well not really.

Hi folks,

You may be wondering why we've not updated for a while.. well, its cos we've been busy doing stuff.

We should have played The Imp at Crewe on June 27th, but sadly Graeme had the lurgy, which prevented us from playing.. watch this space, or check out the gig guide page for details of where we're playing next! Hopefully we'll rebook for The Imp soon.

Saturday 29th June took us to The Bank Corner pub in Alsager for the Pre-gig warm up for Alsager Festival. What a great evening it turned out to be... starting with Maddy Storm, who plays a number of heartwarming songs in her own unique way proved to be an excellent opener, followed by us, we gave them a number of original and covers and went down brilliantly. Following us were the excellent Sea Based Turtles, who really brought the place to life, with their funk rock numbers. Leading the proceedings were the truly marvellous Sugar Rush who kept the venue dancing into the night with a splendid array of covers. Might I just add that Stath from Sugar Rush is one of the main organisers of the Alsager Festival and that he's a top bloke, along with Pete Weatherburn, who was taking photos for posterity.
It proved to be an excellent warm-up to the Festival, which starts on 13th July.. we'll be hitting the Acoustic Stage at 6.15pm!

Thursday 4th of July, and we made an appearance at Arthur's Table Open Mic night.. a truly fabulous night, with the cream of the talent in Stoke in attendance. We'd recently learned another couple of covers, and decided to play them to the ever appreciative audience.. Showcasing that evening were the veritable bastions of chapness "Sons of Clogger"..who delivered their usual rambunctiousness to the delighted crowd. They never fail to please and are gearing up for their upcoming CD official launch parties!

After this we took a well earned and deserved break to the south coast, just a couple of days to de-stress... well and for Graeme to acquire a new guitar.. which I have to admit is really rather nice and I'm looking forward to him airing it at the next gig.

So we'll hopefully catch you all at Alsager Music Festival on 13th July!

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